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The ideal cast size for Connected would be about 13,  The principal characters consist of 3 women and 4 men.  Ensemble consists of 3 men and 3 women.  Connected has 2 acts and runs approximately 120 minutes.

Cast Description  
EMMA High School English teacher, poised, confident and bossy.  Is obsessed with proper grammar.  Devastated by her recent break-up.  

Recovering from a tragic break-up 3-years ago-- he loses himself in writing a graphic novel and some blogging.

MOLLY Witty and wild friend of Emma… Always looking for “action!”  
DIANE Friend of Emma.  She is the grown-up of the group, but has a list making quirk.  
ALEX AKA the "Love Doctor!" Oliver's roommate with a touch of OCD!  
MAX On the edge of finally "coming out."  
STEVE Charismatic con man, street smart, and an online predator!  

ENSEMBLE                3 Men/3 Women

Music is arranged for piano and vocals... score available in .pdf, .sib, .musx, .xml and MP3.

Multimedia concept will use an opt-in option during ticket purchase.  Periodically, the audience will experience the sharing of some texts and other files to their smart devices (cell phone, tablet, etc.) from the cast that coordinate with the story and current action on stage. The thought is to have more outgoing SMS during Act 1, and then gradually diminish as the audience begins to connect with each character.  The hope is, by the time we are in Act 2-- there will be no more text messages and the audiene will probably not notice as their connectivity is transferred from a digital modality to a human connection.


It is recognized that an audience with their devices on, may prove to be too great of a distraction. However, leveraging multimedia in this manner, could very well help redefine the nature of traditional theatre.



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