Update (Novemeber 1, 2018):  Great News!  We have been able to acquire the url www.connectedthemusical.com.  One of the main drivers for seeking a new name was because of the confusion of having another connected the musical floating around out there.  Confusion gone.... only one "Connected!" 

Early Reviews

"Clever as hell!  Love the multimedia connection with the audience!" ~ Producer


"Love it! Wonderful Songs!"~ Producer


"Found it very good and charming with potential!...go see this!"~Producer


Latest Developments

May 4, 2018: Here is the beautiful cast for "Connected."  They worked hard and made the production soar!  Also, I think they had some fun along the way. A huge thank you to all of these talented people!  Will post more information about these talents soon!

April 12, 2018: Auditions went well-- there will be some announcements by Monday.  It is amazing how many talented people there are-- wish we had parts for everyone!  Watch for an update soon!

March 29, 2018:  Auditions are being held on April 11 from 10AM to 2:00PM in NYC.  If you are talented and are in "the city," we invite you to apply.  https://www.backstage.com/casting/connectedthe-musical-217734/

March 28, 2018: Staged reading of Connected the Musical coming up May 3rd and 4th in NYC.  The "show" on the 3rd will be at 2:00 PM and is intended to focus on theatre professionals.  The performance on the 4th is open to all interested parties and will be at 7:30.  Both performances will be held at the Ripley Grier Studios at 520 8th Avenue in Studio 16T.

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