The Story

Emma’s boyfriend breaks up with her on Facebook!


He Broke Up with Me on Facebook!  To make matters worse, her beloved MeeMa is coming into town and is expecting to meet Emma's boyfriend... her dying wish!


Emma has two weeks to not only find a date, but a boyfriend as well!  So, her BFFs decide to help her navigate through the crazy world of online dating. 

Dating Online.  Fortunately, they find some guidance from Nate Alfinger's popular relationship blog "Connected."  However, is she prepared for the darker side of online dating?


Meet Oliver, who had a terrible break-up 3 years ago and has never been the same.  He now loses himself in his writing.  Although he seems pretty hopeless, his roommate, The Love Doctor, tries to get Oliver's social life in gear through an online dating site for the Socially Awkward.  Can they find the Perfect Guy/Girl?


Emma and Oliver have a lot in common, and connect right away.  However, they face so many challenges and misunderstandings that it looks like they will never connect. Will they? Unconditional love always comes to you.


Get Connected With Us.

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